Exercise Rehabilitation Case Studies

Garry has looked after me over the last twenty years. His knowledge and expertise in exercise and pain relief is second to none. In my career, I have travelled the world and in doing so have experienced treatment from other professionals and none have come close to what Garry offers.

As soon as I had a problem with my hip there was only one person I wanted to see and that was Garry. During my assessment, Garry immediately explained the cause of my pain and discomfort, he reassured me it was not my hip and the pain was actually coming from muscles in my bum. He went straight to the problem, started treating it and provided me with exercises to correct the problem.

I thought my days gardening and on the golf course would have to come to an end. One session with Garry and follow up exercise therapy sessions have allowed me to continue with my passions of golf and gardening.

Thanks to Garry, I look forward to many more years on the golf course and hours in the garden amongst my onions and carrots!

Adrian Downes

Having suffered multiple traumas in a road accident twenty two years ago, I was in constant pain with my back, both of my shoulders and my right leg which was partially severed in the accident.  I was unable to walk more than about 100 metres without being in crippling pain.  In a single treatment; Garry identified the problem with my lower back and with the help of his trainers in just three weeks the back pain was gone.  

Another three treatments sorted out the damage to my broken shoulder and my back is now completely restored to a strong and pain free state.  

Garry has also treated my leg and managed to repair nerve and muscle damage and remove the constant pain I was in in just one treatment, in addition providing a gym program and supervision to strengthen and rehabilitate the leg and foot.  I can now walk about pain free for the first time in 22 years and I have my life back.  I really cannot praise him and his team highly enough. Thank you Garry.


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