A bit more about my Back Pain Exercise Rehabilitation DVD

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered in my many years of research in exercise therapy, it’s that a key causes of back pain is underdeveloped core muscles.

Core muscles have a habit of being ignored in a standard workout and are rarely called upon in any serious measures in everyday life.

The problem with this, is that pelvic, abdominal and the muscles surrounding your lumbar spine are prone to deteriorate in later life, so it’s important to strengthen and condition them at the earliest juncture.

In this Back Pain Exercise Rehabilitation DVD, I’ve identified the value of maintaining a solid core and have designed a range of simple, easy-to-perform routines that will focus on these crucial muscle groups.

They’ll help drastically with your backaches and niggles whilst improving the chances of avoiding such complaints in the future. 

As I mention in the DVD’s introduction, some of the most common triggers for back injuries are: getting up suddenly, lifting weighty objects or just manoeuvring the body in an abrupt or jerky fashion.

The reason for this, is that when someone tries one of these movements, specific muscles must 'fire' in sequence for the action to work correctly.

Through a past trauma, it's likely that a muscle in the chain will have stopped firing, causing nerve endings to fail, thus provoking back pain when the action is carried out.

This DVD is for anyone suffering from back problems —whether it spinal or muscular— or for anyone wishing to take preventative action against such complications.

Whether you just want to be able to tend to your garden or pressure-wash your car without discomfort or put yourself on the course to become the next Olympic champion, this Back Pain Exercise Rehabilitation DVD really can help.

If you’ve got a bit of floor space and an exercise mat: you’re ready to go!

Posted by Garry Toms on November 22nd 2016

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