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A number of people have asked about back pain on Twitter and I've provided a few answers below:

‏@rowchicago asks:
A lot of rowers suffer from back pain. Why is this so common and what can be done to prevent it? #rowing

Answer: This is caused due to the hamstrings becomming too tight. Stretching the hamstrings and a sports massage on the lower limbs will reduce the stress on the back.

@Jada___Rachelle asks:
HONEST QUESTION: I've been working out my abs and its starting to cause back pain, how do I stop this?

Answer: You are probably tensing neck and shoulders. REduce the number of reps and sets.

‏@kaylynnnnn asks:
how do I stop this back pain icy hot isn't cutting it anymore

Answer: Use only ice, NOT heat! Frozen peas/ice in a damp cloth for 20 minutes, every 2 to 3 hours for 2 to 3 days.

‏@matthaig1 says:
Back pain only happens when I'm stressed. I think back pain is a mental illness sometimes.

Answer: Back pain is not a mental illness but could be psycho-somatic. You need to learn to deep breath and minimise the stress.

@isolatehowell says:
I also have the worst lower back pain and legit can't lay still without it aching help

Answer: This sounds like sciatica. You need to book an appointment with Garry Toms Specialist Pain Clinic.

‏@jtpeter65 says:
Back pain is the worst! If anyone can relate, it gets so bad that it can bring you to tears! This morning could barely walk.

Answer: Nerve pain is the worst pain you can experience, rarely goes on its own. Go and see a professional therapist such as Garry Toms.

‏@Creme_dela_Crim says:
At 22 years old, I should not be dealing with as much back pain as I do. Sciatica is not something I'd wish on anyone. #uncomfortablenights

Answer: Try a sports massage on your legs to reduce stress on your lower back.

@namyoonxxx says:
I'm suffering from so much back pain. I can't even move properly 

Answer: This sounds like a segment or pelvis slightly out of place. Try to stay active and seek professional help.

‏@DowntonAllison says:
back pain is the worst.. and having back problems run in the family doesn't help one little bit.

 Answer: Back pain does not run in the family but lifestyles do! Change your lifestyle.

‏@GemmaMinxx asks:
I've been having some rough neck&back pain recently, and today is one of the worst yet How do I make it stop?!

 Answer: This sounds like a trapped nerve. Find a manual therapist who does dry needling.

@NADIN39 asks:
What did I do to deserve this nauseating back pain at age 23. Help!! How do I make it stop?????

Answer: Sounds like your hamstrings are too tight. See Garry Toms back pain DVD and book a regular sports massage.

‏@itsjusttnicole asks:
I guess I have back pain cause I arch my back too much..thing is my back naturally does that shit. How do I make it stop?!

Answer:  This is more of a muscular problem. You may actually be dehydrated and need to drink more water.

‏@_raychul asks:
such bad back pain from slouching over a desk writing non-stop. How do I stop it hurting when writing?

Answer: You should never sit at your desk for more than 45 minutes without getting out of your chair and walking around your office.

@DC_Trainer asks:
What Can You Do To Prevent Back Pain When Travelling?

Answer: You must ensure your lower thigh is higher than your lap. 

‏@PainKickers asks:
What can I do to prevent back pain from persisting or returning?

Answer: You must do regular core exercise. Try Garry Toms Back Pain DVD.

7029sam asks:
"What can you do to prevent lower back pain when playing golf?"

Answer: Exercise and train your core strength when NOT playing golf. 

‏@PrajnaFitness asks:
What is the key to preventing or eliminating lower back pain? Strength in your hips, glutes, legs and core!

Answer: The key to this is to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings along with your core. Always look up when you go to stand up! See Garry Toms Back Pain DVD.

‏@Gussi_Mane11 asks:
What's the best sleeping position to prevent back pain in the morning?

Answer: A pillow underneath the knees when on your back and between your knees if you sleep on your side.

‏@Info_Online asks:
What's causing my back pain?

Answer: Trigger pain and tight muscles are the cause of most back pain. 

‏@rvallana asks:
Any suggestions on yoga DVDs for at home workouts? Specifically for low back pain, or just any good yoga in general.

Answer: Core strength is the first stage to a healthier back. 

Posted by Garry Toms on September 15th 2016

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