Back Pain – Exercise Rehabilitation DVD

This DVD has been created from my 25 years of observations and research in to back pain. Over the years I have found that specific core muscles have stopped firing, this means that at some time through trauma or stress, a particular muscle and its trigger points and nerve endings are not working in the correct sequence when you go to move.

This now means other muscles will take over and will be working far more than needed. This will also alter posture and you will begin to use bad habits when standing or leaning forwards. I like to call these exercises I am about to show you – forensic core exercises. Here we show you how to isolate the particular muscle in order to receive the correct signal from the brain. This allow s the muscles to begin firing in the correct sequence which will start to support you, reduce the strain on other muscles and protect you when those odd incidents occur in everyday life.

These exercises are the fundamental core exercises and foundations for whatever it is you wish to do in life, whether it be gardening or wanting to be a world champion or Olympic star.

Please ensure you listen through each section of the DVD before performing the exercises and I must remind you to check with your GP prior to performing any exercise therapy.

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